Location Based Alerts and Tracking for the MBTA

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Station Detail

ProximiT is a real time personal assistant for all your subway needs in and around Boston.

Ever spent an eternity in a hot crowded station when you could have been enjoying the outdoors?

How about those times you entered the station right as the train pulled away? You could have walked faster but now you’re stuck waiting.

Download ProximiT and never waste your time or money again.

• Get train times for your favorite stations as you approach them, without opening the app.

• See down to the second arrival times for trains, so you’ll know when to rush or take your time and get a cup of coffee.

• Locate nearby stations in a new part of town. Stations are sorted by distance and show upcoming trains, so you can decide which is your best bet.

• Find out about service alerts such as delays, construction, and elevator outages.

ProximiT supports the red, orange, and blue lines. Unfortunately, the MBTA does not provide real-time data for the green line at this time.

ProximiT was developed by Randy Dailey and Jeff Lopes and is not affiliated with the MBTA.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page.